Stoneware Vases V-VIII

Aleah Taylor Ceramics

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Stoneware vases by Aleah Taylor Ceramics, sold individually. Each vase is hand-thrown in stoneware clay and finished in a glaze that highlights the natural color of the clay. 

Each vase has signs of the hand of the maker. We consider these inherent to the design and process. 

V - Tall Brown: 9.5 inches tall x 3.5 inch diameter at opening 

VI - Tall Brown with narrow neck: 9 inches tall x 2 inch diameter at opening

VII - Medium Dark Brown with narrow neck: 8 inches tall x 2 inch diameter at opening

VIII - Medium White: 7 inches tall x 2.75 inch diameter at opening

If you have any questions as to which vase you're purchasing, please contact us prior to placing your order. 

Aleah Stewart-Souris of Aleah Taylor Ceramics is also an Associate Designer on the Quittner team, guiding the production of the clay components of our lighting and homewares collections. She is inspired by traditional American forms, the natural qualities of the clay bodies she works with, and creating truly functional work.