A porcelain dinner plate with an elegant lip and a scalloped edge, inspired by ceramics found in archaeological digs at the Historic 1747 Parsonage in Germantown, New York. Old house kitchen, silver tableware, linen napkin, family dinner, dinner party, old house kitchen, open shelving, stacked dishes, stacked porcelain, blue kitchen, ikea cabinets in old house, old house on a budget

The Palatine Collection

Inspired by archaeological finds at the Historic 1746 Parsonage in Germantown, New York, the Palatine Collection celebrates the history of the Palatine German refugees who were resettled as indentured laborers along the Hudson River in the 1710s. Each piece is cast by hand, and features details that date back to the Palatine settlements. A portion of sales of the Palatine Collection are donated the Friends of Historic Germantown, a non-profit committed to preserving the history of the Hudson Valley and of the Palatines.

Notice: The Palatine Collection is currently sold out online. A limited selection is available in-store until we are able to restock fully. Thank you for your enthusiasm for this collection, and we hope to continue sending pieces to new homes soon.

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