Rooted in the past; at ease in the present.

a wooden table with plates and cups on it. A porcelain dinner plate with an elegant lip and a scalloped edge, inspired by ceramics found in archaeological digs at the Historic 1747 Parsonage in Germantown, New York. Old house kitchen, silver tableware, linen napkin, old house dining room, windsor chairs, red chairs, old table, family dinner, dinner party
Our Homewares Collection

We design our homewares to fit as beautifully in a home built 100 years ago as they do in one built yesterday. Using heritage materials, we manufacture each piece in our workshop or in partnership with local craftspeople. From your breakfast table to your bathroom, we bring a historically-informed perspective rooted in the past and at ease in the present.


Historically-Informed Designs; One-of-a-Kind Antiques

Quittner is a lighting and homewares design practice rooted in historical forms. We work with heritage materials to design new pieces that are truly timeless, and collect and restore antique pieces with an eye for contemporary living.
We are based in the Hudson Valley of New York.