Mugwort: A Color Story

What is a neutral? There are the commonly accepted neutrals: white, gray, beige, brown, black. And then there are the colors that are neutrals in function, but not necessarily in form. Maroon, navy blue, and a dark moody green — the color of a well-worn Barbour jacket, a damp salamander, or the needles on a conifer in the midst of winter. These colors hit us deeply, but blend effortlessly. They make a statement on a foundational level, elevating a space by saturating it with rich tones that don't demand attention to themselves, but increase attention to the whole. 

A deep dark green has had our heart for a long time. It's in the fabrics we grew up wearing, the foliage that we have been surrounded by our entire lives, and the art on the walls in our childhood homes. When we decided to introduce a saturated neutral into our collections at Quittner, we knew this green is where we would start. 

Mugwort, our signature green, embodies everything we look for in the tone. It changes with the light, and responds to what it's put alongside. Next to flatware, a mugwort coupe cools down. On the Hallie, the brass details bring out the underlying warmth. Stacked, pieces form a sculptural monolith. Individually, they are grounded without becoming dense. 

It tells a story of heritage and of tradition, reimagined and reworked for a full life. 

The Hallie in Mugwort (above and below). Bulb shown is a Tala Sphere II

The Palatine Collection in Mugwort 

country kitchen with Palatine Collection tableware on open shelving

The Palatine Collection coupe in Mugwort with fresh pasta

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