Building the Hallie in Wood

Ever since we first released the Hallie, we wanted to see it in wood. Black Walnut, to be specific. Figuring out how to go from a porcelain form — our classic Hallie material — to a solid wood version was a nearly year-long process of experimentation, adjustment, and, finally, realization. Ben, Quittner co-founder and Lead Designer, shared his inspiration and process: 

"Our newest iteration of our wonderfully simple fixture, the Hallie, is the design's first step outside of the world of porcelain. When we started to think about other materials that could best be adapted to thrive with the Hallie's curves and unforgivingly simple design, black walnut was the first choice that came to mind. Not only because we have experience with the wood — I have used it for our Lex and our loop towel holder — but because black walnut is a wonderfully complex wood that is beautiful and aligns with many of the principles behind our practice..."

"The tree is native to the Hudson Valley and is well known for its dark and beautifully figured wood. The bodies of our wood Hallies are produced within five miles of our workshop from lumber that is grown and processed here in the Hudson Valley, furthering our commitment to maintain sustainable production methods by keeping everything made as local as possible..."

"We are proud and excited to offer the newest version of our Hallie design, which can be seen in person at the Quittner Warehouse in Germantown." — Ben Davidson, Quittner co-founder and Lead Designer

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