Let the River Run

Today tried to kick us in the bum. We woke up to rain — ugh — and looked outside to see whitewater where our road should be. "Let's try, though," we dared. We ran out to the car, hunkered down in our seats as if increasing the surface area of our bodies in contact with the fabric would improve the chance of survival, and drove towards what most closely resembled a bad idea.  

Half-way down the road, and over the first impromptu stream, Ben jumped out to test the depth of the next water-logged spot. A few steps in, the water was above his ankles and we knew that would be too much of a risk in our low-to-the-ground Subaru. Getting to work 'on time' (remember, a time we set), wasn't worth it.

Commence a 30-point turn to re-cross the initial river and end up back where we started. As we were already wet, we decided to go for a walk. "Im regen spazieren gehen" Ben said, a stroll of a particularly germanic nature — read: sodden, yet optimistic. 

Crowe skipped pre-school, we slowed down for a few hours, and eventually the water subsided. What had felt like a big deal was simply a surge of a stream that needed a moment to rediscover center.

This time of year tends to bring these types of surges. Waves of big emotions that feel overwhelming unless you find the patience to step back, make a cup of tea, and maybe dunk a cookie in it. The deadline for Christmas shipping is past, so we're not going to try to sell you on something for your mother-in-law, but we will invite you to give a gift to yourself — time. With family, with friends, and with yourself. Slow down, close your computer, and watch the river run.

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