Brighter Days to Come

Ben was describing sine waves to me this morning over a breakfast conversation centered on dimmer switches. My brain caught on the undulating curves, so reminiscent of the seasons. As we sit in a stretch of damp cold days here in the Hudson Valley, we are still yet on a wave — now towards longer days and later sunsets and, in the not so far-off future, warmth. 

It's been a bummer of a winter so far for us snow lovers, with barely a dusting to write home about, but I am still holding out hope for spring skiing with the sun on my face. My fixation on light and warmth unmitigated by a desire to slide along on snow. Until then (for a 'then' I shall hold onto with faith honed by three decades of spotty ski seasons), we look for warmth from a fireplace, a warm mug, and a glowing light. 

The Simple Lamp with Tala Sphere II bulb

Since opening the Warehouse in Germantown, we've been proud to offer the same dimmable Tala bulbs that we pair with our lighting designs to anyone who wants a lightbulb that does better. The warm glow Talas provide does away with the notion that LEDS by definition make you look pallid. 

We've also moved our candle program in-house, and are transitioning to only offering candles made in our workshop. Our Bayberry candles will be a seasonal offering only available in fall and winter months, and we'll be introducing a selection of colored beeswax options inspired by — as always — historic forms and fancies.

And, as shown in the header image, Aleah has made porcelain luminaries, inspired by our hand-thrown pendants, that bring a glow to your table. Each piece is hand-thrown in semi-translucent porcelain and finished in a lovely 'buttermilk' white. 

These days, we switch on the lights in the living room around the fire about 3pm, light a few candles, build a fire, and have slow conversation. Surrounded by warmth, the curve of the seasonal sine wave feels like a gentle slope pushing us towards spring. 


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