Porcelain Votive Luminary


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Inspired by our porcelain pendants, each luminary is hand-thrown in white porcelain, given a unique hand-applied design, and finished in a soft translucent glaze that gives a semi-matte finish that we call "buttermilk." 

For use with a wax or electric tea light or small votive candle. Candle not included. 

Dimensions: 3.5 inches tall x 4 inches diameter 

Selecting your Luminary: The luminaries are numbered one through five (I-V) starting on the left, with the leftmost luminary being 1 (I) and the rightmost luminary being 5 (V). If you have any question about which you are selecting, please contact us before ordering. 

Wax Removal: We recommend only using wax votives or tea lights with a metal or other heat resistant outer shell. However, if wax does get on your luminary, we recommend placing the luminary in the freezer for a few hours before gently removing wax with a soft cloth. Do not try to remove wax with anything abrasive, as it may create a black scratch.

If you do scratch your luminary, we recommend rubbing the scratch with a baking soda paste or other very mild abrasive.