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Jamie Lyn Kara adjusts one of her naturally dyed silk pillowcases
We first met Jamie Lyn Kara through her work. Scrapes of fabric, assembled as if to sew, were framed as nods to quilting squares. The pieces were as hard for us to describe at the time as they were entrancing. To differentiate them from Kara's other textile work, quilting and natural dying, by calling them 'art' felt like it would discredit the artistry of that other work. Over time, and with proximity to Kara's practice, it seems the best word is also one of our favorites: Cræft. That's craft, but in the old sense. Less Joann's, more generational knowledge, skilled expertise, and true artistry. This perspective is what guides all of Kara's work, and we're honored to show pieces by Kara in the store and to host her workshops for aspiring natural dyers and quilters.
Recently, we asked Jamie Lyn Kara to put together her ideal bedside moment with one of her naturally dyed silk pillowcases as the foundation.
naturally dyed silk pillowcases by Jamie Lyn Kara
She describes the edit below: 
Walking around Quittner and choosing items to add to this dreamy bedside table, I started with a chocolate brown plant dyed silk pillowcase. I hand dyed a small collection of these pillowcases last fall, with locally foraged plants, and this one was dyed with black walnuts. The color is so rich and practically glows on the silk (it is "living color" after all) and I wanted the items on the bedside table to reflect the natural qualities of the pillowcase. 
When choosing pieces to include I wasn't necessarily looking for what matched in color, but more at creating a feeling of warm earthiness using natural materials. I love Quittner's Surface Lamp and the natural linen shade is the perfect counterpart to the earthy mood I'm setting.  A stoneware mug by Jessica Weinberg of Firehouse Pottery Co. is adorned with hand painted plant-like patterns which fit into my theme perfectly. I included a wool wrapped journal by Bonnee Pecquex; the cover is botanically printed using leaves and plants. Natural dyes have an inherent harmony to them and you can't go wrong when mixing and matching any plant dyed textiles.
The amber bud vase on the window sill is ready to accept a rotating array of seasonal blooms, and the hand formed sterling wire and bead bug pin isn't a necessity but I love to have special treasures placed throughout my home.  

The Reveal

The Jamie Lyn Kara edit for Quittner

Shop the Edit

Silk Pillowcase by Jamie Lyn Kara (Black Walnut, Confetti, Dusty Rose)

Tall Stoneware Mug by Firehouse Pottery Co.

Surface Lamp by Quittner

Bug Pin by John Kirslis 

Wool Journal by Bonnee Pecquex 

The Journal of Maria Bartow Cole 

*Bud vase and small bowl available in-store. 

The Jamie Lyn Kara Edit for Quittner
Learn more about Jamie Lyn Kara's practice and upcoming workshops here.
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