The Return of the Palatine Collection

The Palatine Collection is finally back.

The Palatine Collection on a floating shelf in Mugwort, Buttermilk, and Smoke

When we introduced The Palatine Collection, we underestimated demand and overestimated our production capacities. Never having made anything en masse before, we were overwhelmed by the response and spent the end of 2023 and beginning of 2024 fulfilling orders that were months overdue. It was a massive lesson in the pain points of artisanal production.

Plates from the Palatine Collection in process.

In the beginning of this year, we asked ourselves: Do we scale up, or do we embrace the slow way?

If you know us, you probably won’t be surprised that we chose the latter. The Palatine Collection will now be available as it is ready, not for pre-order. That means you may need to wait longer to order, but we’ll be able to fulfill orders within a few business days — rather than it taking weeks or even months. If you have a large order in mind, though, email us directly.

We’ve also increased the price of most of the pieces by $1-2. This is to account for the high rate of ‘failures’ in the porcelain production process. In his book The White Road, Edmund De Waal describes the mountains of cast-offs that result from daring to work in porcelain. We definitely didn’t know how right he was. As we work to produce pieces of higher quality, sometimes things go wrong. This price increase helps us absorb those blows.

A meal with the Palatine Collection

We continue to donate a portion of each sale to the Friends of Historic Germantown to support the preservation and greater awareness of Palatine history. These pieces were inspired by archaeological remnants dating to the Palatine arrival here, where we are in Germantown, in 1710. We are proud to nod to their artistry in our own.

Available now with limited stock.

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