The Magic of Field + Supply: A Quittner Coming-of-Age

Field + Supply is a Hudson Valley design dreamland. It’s full of art and design and objects and elevated crafts, and when we first went as guests in the Fall of 2021, it blew our minds. What would it be like, we asked each other, if we were here not as shoppers, but as vendors? What would we have to do to get to that point, and was that even possible for us to accomplish?

Ben with the Quittner lighting collection

Twelve months ago, we didn’t have any lighting designs that we’d call “Quittner,” and over the past year, we’ve pushed ourselves creatively, financially, and logistically to bring these ideas that we had in our minds into the world not as one offs, not just for us to use in our own home, but as items others can buy, use, and love.

Our first ‘dip’ in the water was the Spring 2022 Field + Supply market. It was our first time displaying our lighting for an audience and saying: yes, this! This is us. But we were also nervous and cautious, and we pulled back from going all in. We crowded our booth with “easy” buys, and didn’t call ourselves designers when people asked, “What is Quittner?” It was a good experience, but it wasn’t entirely satisfying. So we knew we had to do it again, and we had to do it differently.

The Quittner booth at Field + Supply

So, for the Fall 2022 Field + Supply market, we went all in. Earlier this month, we offered our complete collection of pendants, flush mounts, sconces, and lamps, the Riven Rock Towel Holder, Breakfast Boards, and little else. We put our work front and center, which felt uncomfortable. We presented Quittner as a “lighting and homewares design practice,” which felt vulnerable. And we gave Ben the title he’s earned — Lead Designer — which, at first, felt awkward. But none of this felt bad.

Uncomfortable, vulnerable, and awkward aren’t bad feelings, they are signs of adjustment and, in our case, progress. It’s amazing how repeating the same phrases over and over for three days can make it feel second nature. Now we’re a design practice, because we’ve claimed that identity. Ben is our Lead Designer because that’s what he is. What was just a few days ago awkward and uncomfortable is now simple fact.

The Quittner booth at Field + Supply

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