Hallie Goodman Left a Mark

When our friend interior designer Hallie Goodman asked if she could pop-up at Quittner to offer a selection from her archives, we immediately said yes. Hallie has exquisite taste, and we don't just think that because we like many of the same things. Hallie pushes us to integrate objects and art that are playful and fun, and often a little transgressive, into our lives. She challenges us to look beyond, for example, layering dark wood on dark wood on dark wood. I can't say she's won that battle, but she's trying valiantly. 

Primary Bedroom by Hallie Goodman as shown in Architectural Digest

When she loaded in the first weekend in April, we gave her a whole section of the store to take-over and reshape to be the mini-store of her dreams. The result was magic, and it brought out the crowds. Over two days, a constant stream of decorators, collectors, friends, and clients rolled through — and it was so much fun! We capped it off with a bit of a party, and the house was packed and the parking lot was full.

Hudson Kitchen by Hallie Goodman, Shot by Anthony D'Argenzio for This Old Hudson

Seeing our community rally around Hallie has been astonishing, from fawning over the iconic Hudson home she turned into a gem to picking our jaws up from the floor over the work she did for Jon Batiste and Suleika Jaouad's New York City home (featured in Architectural Digest, no less!). 

Hallie Goodman at Quittner Pop-up

If you're looking for an interior designer with an eye for the balancing old and new, who celebrates art and spotlights creativity, you need to explore Hallie's portfolio

Exploring Hallie's finds over wine and cheese at Quittner


P.S. Did you know that Hallie is the namesake for the Hallie, our simple and elegant vintage-inspired surface mount ceiling or wall scone in porcelain or wood


Image Credits
photo 1: Architectural Digest 
photo 2: This Old Hudson 
photos 3+4: Quittner 

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