The Journal and Letters of Maria Bartow Cole

Thomas Cole

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This is a beautifully designed collection of the journal and letters of Maria Bartow Cole (1813-1884), wife of painter Thomas Cole and owner of the property now designated The Thomas Cole National Historic Site. It was published in 2024 as a minimally edited volume by the Thomas Cole National Historic Site in Catskill, NY, just across the river from us in the Hudson Valley, offering "a window into daily life in Catskill and beyond in the tumultuous nineteenth century." 

Fun fact: Maria is pronounced Mor-Aye-Ah

“As a trusted confidante and thoughtful critic of her husband's work, Maria was deeply involved in his business decisions, and her valued perspective strengthened Thomas' career. She was instrumental in preserving his legacy as well as the home and studios for her children and future generations. — The Thomas Cole National Historic Site