The Apartment Project: the Beginnings and Befores

A little known fact of our last few years is that we've been rather unmoored as far as residence. We own the property next to our store that the workshop is on, but said property is sans live-able house — a conundrum, to be sure. We'll be building one soon (yay!), but this may explain for curious onlookers why we rarely (never) post images inside a home that is our own. To be blunt, this is because we haven't had one to show off. Recently, we got the opportunity to move into an apartment that is absurdly convenient to the store, the workshop, and our build site — and we jumped at it. Not only because it meant we'd have a reliable roof, but also because it is the first chance we've ever had since we started designing lighting and homewards to show how we use our work, how we live with and as Quittner, in our own space. 

First, though, paint. 

This spring, we're sharing the story of how we're turning a 'white box' apartment into our home on our property Instagram (@EdenHillHomestead), and some posts will inevitably make their way onto @QuittnerHome as well. We hope you'll follow along for saturated paint colors (orange! grey! blue!), worn rugs, dark wood, and some pretty awesome lighting if we may say so. 

Here are some before's, and if you want an early peek at how we've been putting our plans into action, check out that Eden Hill Instagram and let us know what you think! 



The guest bedroom for the Quittner Apartment, apartment renovation, small bedroom, bedroom design, antique style

The Guest Bedroom. 


The kitchen before for the Quittner apartment, apartment makeover, hudson valley new yorkThe Kitchen. 


Mudroom or drop zone before for Quittner Apartment project apartment remodel apartment makeover

The 'Mud Room'/Drop Zone Area 


Color palate concept for Quittner apartment makeover remodel project Benjamin Moore and Magnolia paints

A first try at the new color palate 

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