Cheap Old Houses in the Hudson Valley

There may not be many truly cheap (say, less than $100k) old houses left in the Hudson Valley, but the spirit of saving an old home stays strong here. Last week, Elizabeth and Ethan Finkelstein, founders of the Cheap Old Houses instagram account and community and author of a fabulous book of the same name braved a snowstorm to have a candlelit conversation with Jordan and Barry of the Brownstone Boys, Daniel Kanter, and Christienne Dobson, both homeowners featured in the book. The conversation was planned, but the candlelight was impromptu. After losing power less than an hour before the event was scheduled to start, we could either cancel — which really wasn't an option — or roll with it. 

Ben rallied the team, pulling together every candlestick we own and requisitioning others from family, lighting the wood stove, and even hanging a candle chandelier above the book signing table. The result was lovely, romantic, and seemed oh-so-purposeful...if not for the chill. Luckily, guests braved ice, sleet, and snow, and the store was soon warmed with good vibes and literal body mass. 

Below are some of our favorite pictures from the evening: 

Group photo of Quittner owners Pippa and Ben alongside Elizabeth and Ethan from Cheap Old Houses, and Jordan and Barry, the Brownstone Boys at Quittner for a Cheap Old Houses book event
the Cheap Old Houses book on leaned up against a stack of copies on the book signing table


The refreshments table, alight with candles and decorated with a floral arrangement by Flowerkraut, at Quittner
As the light dimmed, the candles glowed for the Cheap Old Houses event at Quittner, bringing the conversation in close.


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