Rustic Linen Napkins - Black


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Our linen napkins are designed to be your daily use cloth napkin that you can set at the table, drape over your lap on the go, or tuck into a picnic basket. Available in blue or black stripe, they are 100% linen. These pieces are handmade, and small inconsistencies are intentional. 

Dimensions: Approx. 18 inches x 14-16 inches. Sold individually.

Care: Machine Wash Cold. For a rumpled look, tumble dry. For a crisper look without ironing, hang dry on a rack or on hangers.

Designed in Germantown, NY and sewn by our manufacturing partner, MadeXHudson. MadeXHudson is a cut and sew workroom that is focused on bringing skilled garment production back to Catskill, NY.