Bronze Banana

Eznic Metal Arts

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Tabletop sculpture of a pair of solid bronze bananas, joined at the stem, cast in startlingly realistic detail directly from a pair of dried bananas in the artist's kitchen. These pieces are cast individually and produced in extremely limited numbers, making it the perfect gift for someone who treasures the eclectic, whimsical, and rare. 

Dimensions: approx. 5 inches long x2.5 inches wide at widest point x .5 inches tall

Material: Solid bronze

Founded and run by Eznic, a caster who spent decades creating pieces for luxury jewelry brands, Eznic Metal Arts specializes in from-nature castings in bronze, brass, and silver that are best described as otherworldly. His work is unparalleled not only in the Hudson Valley region, but in the world, resulting in sculptural forms that feel as if they could have been plucked from a tree, picked off the ground, or harvested from the garden just this morning.